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Love deeply September 6, 2012

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Today is one of my grandparent’s 59th wedding anniversary.  Our sweet Mama Cece answered heavens call just a little over a month ago now.  We have many stories of God’s grace and so many things to thank Him for.

Hug your loved ones just a little tighter today. As my heart hurts for my famil  I found this reminder:


his first valentine January 30, 2012

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Bath Time! January 21, 2012

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Saturday Sneak Peak August 20, 2011

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Catch O’ The Day July 28, 2011

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Look what we found prowling around the kitchen sink…
(insert suspenseful music here)


That’s right folks, it’s a baby shark.  He was hard to wrangle but well worth it, don’t you think?  He seemed friendly so we decided not to throw him back in the water.


Here are a few more pictures of his first bath at home: 
Grams kept him cozy and warm while Michael got the water just right


A little massage with the shampoo is always nice



Proud Daddy with his son.
I love these fellas!!


Newborn photos July 26, 2011

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A sweet friend from choir offered to take pictures of Wes.  We think she did a great job – thanks again Amanda!









Her own baby brother July 25, 2011

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While big sister Stella was making her way to the hospital, Wes wanted to get all cleaned up for his big meeting with his new best friend…


He got dressed up, accessorized, and surely his heart was beating fast as he anticipated their first meeting


Stella was sitting on the bed with me when the nurse wheeled him in.  She was thrilled to see him, and Michael had to hold her tight so she wouldn’t crawl on top of him to smother him with hugs and kisses!


She couldnt wait to give baby brother a big kiss

This is Tom and Linda, Stella and Wes’ local “grandparents”.  They watched Stella while we were in the hospital, and gave Amy and Grams a much needed break.  While she was with them, they made sure Stella looked cute for her brother and took her to get her first mani/pedi complete with pink and white polka dots!  We are so thankful for them and the way they love our babies!

Grams loving on Wes.  They both look so content.

Proud Grams and Mimi.  Aren’t they so lovely in their blue outfits?  They were so thrilled to finally hold him, and he was thrilled too!


Beautiful Aunt Amy stole a few cuddles before she had to leave.  She stayed with us for over a week, but we had to give her back to her sweet family.


I get so excited when I see this picture of three generations of Fosters.  Wes, you are so blessed to have these two men walk before you.  They are living a great example for you.  Thank you God for such a blessing!


This is Leanna, our wonderful midwife.  She is so kind and we couldn’t imagine a better person to work with.  She was the one that delivered Stella too.  It was so special to work with her again.


Do you see Stella with her gloves?  After going to the pre-natal visits with me, she wanted to do what Leanna did, so she was allowed to help monitor Wes’ heart beat at our appointments, and soon she starting asking to wear gloves too.  The first thing she did when Leanna came to check on us was ask for gloves.  Maybe we have a future health professional on our hands…


The gloves came off and she got serious because Wes started crying.  While everyone else was talking and taking pictures, Stella only saw Wes and kept saying “shush, shush, it’s okay.”



 Taylor and Andy came by to celebrate.  So thankful for great friends!

Kristi stopped by to visit and even brought gifts for Wes and Stella.  She loved her new kitty and baby doll.


Stella gets to see Kristi every Sunday morning, and we are so thankful for another friend that loves our daughter so much!  Can you tell they have a little bit of fun together??


A few more hugs and cuddles


This big sister stuff is exhausting!  I stroked her hair for a few seconds before she was out.  Thanks again to all of our sweet friends and family for making this transition so great for Stella.  She felt so loved and excited to be in the middle of all the love. 


Speaking of being in the middle of all the love, she is spending the week with her cousins, aunt pat and uncle ryan and mimi and pops.  I know they are all loving the time together.  We sure do miss her, but am so thankful for this time with Wes too.



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